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From our offices in Athenry Co. Galway, we specialise in building a tailor made application for first time buyers; saving time, money and reducing the risk of decline.

95% of mortgage applications we submit are approved. Contact us today for a chat and see how we can get the job done for you.

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95% of Mortgage Applications we Submit are Approved

Over 95% Mortgage Approval Rate
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Financial Services
Mortgage Application

Mortgage Applications

First time buyer, Self build, Self employed

Life and Pensions

Life Cover, Serious Illness Cover, Pension Cover
Income Protection

Income Protection

PRSI or Self-Employed
Mortgage Application

Mortgage Applications

Our Applications have over 95% First Time Approval Rate
  • First Time Buyers – Want to know the mortgage you qualify for? – 3 Hour Approval Service!
  • Switcher Mortgages with Cash Back – Are you paying too much on your existing mortgage?  Call us for a quick comparison or check it out on our repayment calculator.  For an accurate comparison you will need your outstanding balance on current mortgage and the term of years left.
  • Are you living and working abroad and want to buy a home here?  Rates as low as 2.85%
  • Independent Financial Broker
  • Self Build Mortages
  • Mortgages for Partially Built House
  • 100% Mortagage if you own your own site
  • Buy to Let Mortgages for Investors


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Life and Pensions

At Mortgage Options, we offer a range of products and services including:

  • Mortgage Protection (Life Cover)
  • Mortgage Protection (Accelerated Serious Illness Cover)
  • Serious Illness Cover (Standalone/Accelerated)
  • Guaranteed Whole of Life Cover
  • Standalone Pension Term Cover
  • Group Life Cover
  • Group Disability Cover

We also offer a range of products and services under the pensions heading.  Please feel free to contact us as we would be very happy to discuss your specific requirements today.

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Income Protection

Income Protection

We have designed Income Insurance to be as flexible as possible, and its aim is to suit your income protection needs. Below are some points to help you decide if this cover is right for you.

  • You decide whether you can afford to make guaranteed or reviewable regular payments and what is best for you.
  • You decide how much cover you need based on your current earnings, the deferred period you want (either 13, 26 or 52 weeks), how long you need the benefit to be paid for, and how long you want the cover for.
  • You make regular payments to keep the cover in force.
  • We provide cover until your plan ends, no matter how many claims you make.
    You must tell us when an illness or an injury stops you working.
  • We pay you a monthly income from the end of your chosen deferred period for as long as you are eligible (see below regards deferred periods).
  • If you are in hospital for more than seven days in a row during the deferred period, you may be able to receive hospitalisation benefit (see page 12 for details on hospital benefit).

Income protection is a type of insurance that pays you a regular income if you can no longer work due to an injury or illness. Its aim is to replace some of your earned income once any state benefits are taken into account, so you could still maintain the level of lifestyle you are used to. If you are in full­time employment or are self­employed and earn an income, you can take advantage of an income protection plan.

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Brian Melia

Certified Financial Advisor
“As an independant financial broker for over 30 years we have extensive experience in getting applications through first time.   Many customers dont know that having an application fail is taken into account the next time an application is put forward.  That is why we take pride in getting the job done properly the first time with over 95% first time application success rate.”

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