Irish Abroad: Now lending to the Diaspora


With an ever increasing number of young Irish returning to Ireland after working overseas, there has been a marked increase in demand for lending. In what we see week to week, this has been driven by three factors;

The relatively affordable land and housing available in Ireland. The fact that the Irish abroad are well skilled (and in the case of Australia the best paid of any non-national demographic) the recent increase in housing prices compared to 2007/2008 levels and all of this has meant a rush of demand to buy.

While it is positive to see emigrants returning home, many are not shopping around for the best deal and believe that as they are resident in a different nation, they are ‘lucky’ to be approved by any lender. This is simply not the case.

With full knowledge of the customers circumstance, an independent mortgage broker would be able to save a prospective customer thousands of euro by working on their behalf and ensuring any application for lending stands the best chance of approval. Mortgage Options has a track record of successful lending approvals to customers based or recently returned from Australia, Canada the U.K and elsewhere. Contact us today or set up a free skype call.

We get the job done for first time buyers (wherever they call home)


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